2012 m. birželio 20 d., trečiadienis

LG Optimus L5- phone for exciting living

New LG baby Optimus L5 has just came out.
When i first time held this phone in my hands I was really impressed 
by its appearance.
It’s very obvious from the moment you pick up the device that Nokia has gone the extra mile to make sure the experience and feel of the device is top notch.

 Optimus L5 feels solid and sturdy in the hand. The 800 has all of its buttons down the right side of the phone. This is a little different approach from other Windows phone devices that have spread the buttons around the phone.
It is not the slimmest Windows Phone, but it makes a claim to be the most beautiful.
The LG Optimus L5 features a 4-inch HVGA screen 
and packs a 5 MP camera with a single LED flash.
The Corning Gorilla glass makes sure the display won't get scratched.
It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800MHz processor (single-core) and 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage (2.5 GB user-available) which is expandable via MicroSD cards.

Other good thing that is  Optimus L5 is that it's running Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0.3), 
the latest version of Google's Android OS.
Round the back you'll find a 5MP camera with video recording and LED flash.
However, The Optimus L5 only allows you to capture video at VGA (640x480) quality which is  a little bit disappointing.
So, the Optimus L5 top pluses is:

  • Ice Cream Sandwich OS
  • Beautiful design
  • Gorilla glass display with anti-glare polarizer
  • Digital compass


  • No USB mass storage (file management and sync pass only through Zune)
  • No video calls
  • Slow processor
  • Non-user-replaceable battery
  • No memory card slot

In the box you will find the phone, of course, along with a USB cable with a neat little plug adapter, and a typical set of earphones.
Price: around 500$